• EYA, a new solution for websites and content management.
  • Think of your website as your online storefront. It should accurately portray your brand, clearly describe your products and services and encourage visitors to reach out to you via strong calls to action. If you don't yet have a website - or if you do, but it's poorly designed or full of generic content - you're missing out on an entire audience of potential customers.
  • Maximize your exposure with our revealing and ergonomic user interface design which also imparts a subscription model for monetizing your business.
Good design is good business

Our Services

Clean design

Elegant layouts that will help you organize your content in the best way.


Built with modern technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, SEO optimized

Easy customization

With our web tool you can manage your content, news, images and files very easy and simple

Responsive design

Our websites that we supply are compatible with different desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.


Do you own a restaurant or a garage?

We have special solutions to various companies and industries.
We can help you with your daily menus to be updated automatically for your restaurant. You can create your menus in advance and edit them easily and effortlessly any time you want.
Online table booking with options...
and many more..

Manage your invoices from one and same place

Do you want your invoices and the ability to manage, edit, or send them to your customers from your website? We have a solution!
EyaInvoice is a perfect tool for you who want to manage and take care of your invoices via your own website without buying extra billing sytem or software. With EyaInvoice you have the ability to create, edit, send, print or delete invoices.

Less is only more
when more is no good


We use our own tools to manage websites and online contents. EyaCMS is designed for websites and contents management. Stylish, easy to use and has all the features to help you manage your websites on your own.

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